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What Are My Obligations As A Green Card Sponsor?

Green Card SponsorshipA green card sponsor is legally responsible for the financial well-being of the sponsored immigrant(s) during the obligated length of time. This is outlined in the Affidavit of Support, or Form I-864 – a contract between the sponsor and the US government. By signing this contract, the sponsor is obligated to provide financial support for the applicant until he/she:

  • Becomes a US citizen
  • Is no longer a lawful permanent resident and departs the US
  • Becomes subject to removal from US but obtains a new grant of adjustment of status
  • Has worked, or can be credited, with approximately 10 years of coverage under the Social Security Act, or
  • Dies

After becoming a sponsor, any changes in address must be reported to the USCIS as required by federal law. This is required in order for the government to contact the sponsor regarding fulfillment of obligations. The sponsor must fill out Form I-865, Sponsor’s Notice of Change of Address, within 30 days of the change.

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