Family Petition

Petitioning for a Relative

family petitionUnder U.S. immigration law, a United States citizen or a lawful permanent resident is able to help certain relatives apply to become permanent residents of the country. To be able to petition for an Alien Relative the first step in this process is to file an I-130, this form is to prove to the government that the “Beneficiary” (the person you are filing the petition for) is in fact your relative and not just some random individual.

The following are the most commonly filed petitions:

  • Spouse
  • Fiancé (through the K-1 visa)
  • Parents
  • Children or step-children

Keeping Families Together

A Permanent Resident has the ability to file a family petition for their spouse or children but they will also be subject to visa quotas based on their preference category. If the Permanent Resident later decides to become a United States citizen themselves then the family petition will be upgraded to a different category or to an immediate relative petition.

Hermanni & Lorenzo Law Group Can Help With The Petition Process

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