Deportation Defense

Are you or anyone you know facing deportation?

deportation defenseA deportation proceeding is most commonly brought into motion when an individual has been convicted for committing a crime: for an aggravated felony offense, an individual, whether a legal or non-legal immigrant can face deportation even without a guilty verdict.

Fighting To Stay In The U.S.

There are number of other factors that would give grounds for deportation, such as:

  • Status Violations
  • Unlawful Presence
  • Prohibited Employment Activity
  • Unlawful Entry (Illegal Immigration)

Keep in mind that raising a deportation defense can be a lengthy process and there are strict deadlines that must be met by the immigration attorney and client in order to have any chance of success in the case.

The common deportation defense process involves:

  • The immigration lawyer meeting with the client to determine their eligibility for deportation defense and what forms of relief are available
  • Collecting the supporting evidence
  • Preparing the applications such as Judicial Adjudication of application for permanent residence
  • Legal memorandums and motions

Deportation Defense Attorneys in Miami and Coral Gables

If you or someone you know are subject to facing deportation from the United States, it is important for you to consult with an immigration lawyer as soon as possible. If you are within the Miami Lakes – Miami area, we invite you to visit the Hermanni & Lorenzo Law Group office to speak with one of our immigration attorneys. If you are outside of the state and are seeking deportation help, call 305-640-8222 to discuss your eligibility for defense.