Helping You Seek Relief To Remain in the U.S.

immigration asylumThere are two different types of application for Asylum – affirmative and defensive. Foreign individuals who seek asylum are seeking relief to remain in the United States under legal status. The laws of immigration in the United States allows for individuals who have a deep confounded fear of persecution from their home country, to seek asylum or refugee status that will allow them to attain permanent status also known as a green card.

Who can claim asylum? (Individuals who meet the following requirements, may be eligible for asylum.)

  • Currently present in the United States
  • Cannot return to home country due to any persecution in the past by the government or fear of persecution in the upcoming future.
  • Have been or will be targeted for persecution in home country because of different religion, race, nationality or political views.

*Except under unique circumstances, the individual must apply for asylum within one year of arriving in the United States.

Information Needed To Apply For Asylum

The immigration lawyers at Hermanni & Lorenzo Law Group know that the case law for asylum is constantly changing. To be able to put together a strong application many factors are needed:

  • Documentation of confinement as well as medical documentation are usually required
  • Affidavits from witnesses
  • Human Rights Report from the home country
  • And a well-explained legal brief outlining the law as it applies to the Individual’s specific case

Experienced Legal Guidance in Miami and Coral Gables

Hermanni & Lorenzo Law Group can offer experienced legal counsel and guidance to individuals and families who are in need of asylum services. We understand that this can be a daunting experience, but its not one that you have to go through alone. To schedule a consultation with one of our immigration lawyers, call 305-640-8222 or fill out our contact form on this page.