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Immigration Services in Miami – Coral Gables

immigration lawyer in MiamiAre you looking for an immigration lawyer in Miami and are not quite sure where to begin? Till this day there is still no greater advertisement than “word of mouth”. With the advances in technology nowadays, there is two ways this can be interpreted – literally, by someone actually recommending an immigration attorney or by reading online reviews written by past clients. The key is not find ANY Miami immigration lawyer but a GREAT one who will not try to take advantage of a vulnerable situation and rob you of your money.

Word of Mouth

The best free advertisement any business could ask for. Usually when a person is looking for an individual to help them with a specific trade, they turn to family, friends or co-workers to ask if they know of anyone. Miami is a populous city and there will always be someone who knows someone that can help you with what you need. When a friend or family member recommends a professional to you it is usually because they trust them enough to have them offer their services to someone they care about. Once you get the information for the Miami immigration lawyer they recommended, call their office and schedule an appointment to meet with them. These days, many offices offer a free consultation to learn more about your case and tell you exactly what would be needed to successfully try and complete your immigration case.

Online Reviews

If no immigration lawyer was recommended to you, your next best thing is the Internet. With smartphones, it is now easier to search for anything you need on the go. But considering that trying to deal with an immigration case, it is advised that you take your time with your research and don’t immediately call the first number you see.

Pull up Google on your computer (Yahoo or Bing, whichever your preferred search engine is) and type “Immigration Lawyer in Miami” and search. You will see that in a matter of seconds, millions of web pages will show in the search results but there are few keen details everyone should look for. First and importantly are reviews. See, great businesses don’t go around boasting that they are the best, they let their clients speak for them. A law firm with numerous of positive reviews means that they took the time to listen and properly take care of their clients’ need and in-turn, they were rewarded with kind words that helps promote their services to future potential clients. Always read through Google reviews and Yelp to see that they have a good balance across different platforms. If you want specific attorney reviews, look up the immigration lawyer or law firm on avvo.com.

Take the time to view the immigration attorney’s website as well, make sure that information is up to date and view their services to what they provide. Once you’ve narrowed down your search to the top 3 lawyers you would like to speak too, take some time in your day to call them and ask you questions. Find out if they can handle you case and learn what they would need from you and how they would go about handling the case. This is also a perfect opportunity to learn about billing and any fees; cost usually depends on the severity of your case. Some immigration lawyers in Miami may charge a flat rate or by the hour, that is something you should keep in mind regarding your budget and what you can personally afford.

Dealing with any kind of immigration case is not easy, especially if you’re dealing with anything that may cause you to be deported from the United States. There are plenty of immigration attorneys in Miami but take your time in doing your research when your trusting one to take on your immigration case.

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*This isn’t direct legal advice – please consult with an attorney for your specific situation.

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